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Mobile Phone - Not Just a Phone Anymore

Ngày đăng: 22-05-2018 01:23:58

You hurry to catch the bus to work with a sandwich in hand and a file of this night's paper work at the other. You catch the bus and sit in a nice small window seat. The air is cool and it elevates your spirits. Only then, a thought strikes you. You've left your mobile telephone back at home. You panic. The atmosphere around gets warm and your heart races. "Great God! Just how am I going to survive the day with no mobile phone?!" Funny isn't it? We've become so determined by our mobile phones a day with no is unthinkable.

Who ever thought this tiny little rectangular gizmo can make us madly attracted to it? Therefore, what is it about these gadgets anyway? A couple of years before, who would have ever believed that a mobile phone may do more than texting and calling? The mobile phones of today aren't merely communication gadgets. They are a lot more than that. Some, such as the Apple iPhone are almost as complex as a PC. Mobile telephones have brought the world into our hands. What with some containing internet connectivity, you can achieve even the smallest corner of an Egyptian pyramid virtually together with the mere touch of a finger. The availability of the world wide web in your mobile phone brings forth a massive range of exciting avenues to research. If your life is all about music, then your mobile phone could well be your best friend.

You will find some designed specifically for music, like the celebrated Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic. That means you can store an unending collection of your favorite tracks, plug in your headset and listen on and on till the things runs from battery! The most recent of the high-end gizmos have taken texting into a completely different level. With a built-in QWERTY keypad that's simply a sheer fun to use, a few mobile phones have become chunkier in size though some have become incredibly thin.

What's life with no memories, eh? And what Indian mobile company to catch them than just cameras? And how would it be if you can carry it around and click off as and when you prefer? Yes, I'm speaking about camera mobile phones. Some of the gadgets have such high end cameras that are better than actual digital cameras! Features such as Carl Zeiss Optics, dual flash, digital zoom, confront and grin recognition are put in lots of the camera mobile telephones. There is even a12MP camera phone, which was recently announced in Korea - The Samsung SCH-W880 that has 3 x optical zoom. This apparatus has this advanced camera which its more of a digital camera than a mobile phone.

If you are a social type who likes to keep in touch with friends, you likely know that many latest handsets come with access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. That mobiles phones of today are almost mini PCs is accentuated by the fact that many high-end models have their own operating system, like Google's Android, Nokia's Symbian, to mention a couple. The Android OS gives the consumer access to a complete selection of goodies like Google email, Google search and Google Maps. With their funky titles, radical shapes and endless array of features its no surprise that we're so hooked on mobile phones.

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